Phone Support ☎️

☎️ COULD WE USE YOUR PHONE? WE’RE IN A BIT OF A HURRY… ☎️ Whereas Brad and Janet obviously couldn’t… you can! We’ve opened phone services to clients which will allow faster and smoother support services. We’ve released phone number contacts for our clients so that they can get the Read more…

Newsletter Now Available! 📧

We’ve released our newsletter sign-up link, in partnership with CHTechnical, to provide you up-to-date information direct to your inbox. Through our newsletters, we’ll be providing information on: …and more Be sure to register yourself onto our newsletter programme by visiting the Newsletter Sign-up page.

New Partnership 🎤

Check out our new partnership with CHTechnical, a hire provider based in South Wales. Based in South Wales, CHTechnical Hire offers various technical services and hires in subjects such as lighting, sound and effects. From pantomime scenery to various leads and cables, CHTechnical offers professional services to dramatic groups and Read more…

Development Begins 🙌

We’re hard at work creating software for venues, theatres and groups that will allow them to easily provide simple access to theatre booking services from their website. Our solution will offer pre-made themes and theme development for a small price tag which will allow for theatres and groups to take full advantage of their front-end website and attract more customers.